Thursday, May 9, 2019

Welcome to, Tel Aviv!

Shalom, my beloved readers.
It’s been a while since I posted something but here is a brand new blog post from me!

Recently, I have been to Tel Aviv in Israel and so many people were asking me questions about it. Why Israel? Isn't Israel dangerous? I could tell that it wasn’t a destination people would just randomly go to, probably for various reasons.
For me, personally, I never thought about going to Israel. I was even a bit skeptical because of the conflict that’s going on in the country and I just never thought of going to Israel before. It was all my friend’s idea. She flies there regularly for her job and well, she was like “let’s go to Tel Aviv, Thalita.”  Of course, I said “YES, let’s do it.” I didn’t know what to expect, so here is my experience and tips.
We stayed in Florentine Hostel in Florentin. From the outside, it doesn’t really look like a hostel but it is. It’s a very good hostel, from what I’ve heard one of the better ones. The staff were friendly and helpful. Every night you can go out with other people from the hostel. They bring you to some clubs during the night. For more information, check the website; I can really recommend the hostel.
Florentin is a very chill and hippie neighborhood in the south of Tel Aviv. You will find bohemian cafes and laid back bars.  If you love street art, you will definitely be in the right place. Florentin has a mixed population, increasingly youthful, a place for arty and alternative culture. It’s a fascinating area to walk through. To be honest, we didn’t see that much from the modern centre of the city but Florentin and Jaffa were good enough for us.
Jaffa is the old city from Tel Aviv and you can’t leave Tel Aviv without paying a visit to this place. We did a free tour from Sandemans New Tours- well not really free because you can pay the amount that you think it was worth afterwards.

Our tour guide was a beautiful woman named Hadar. I loved her positivity and charm. She told us a bit about the name of Tel Aviv, about the history of Jaffa, and other very interesting and cool things. The flea market is worth going to because you can find pretty unique objects. My friend and I bought the same cute bag. Nothing fits in the bag, not even my Huawei phone, but it’s still a cute bag.

We went to Jaffa a couple of times and I think it was the best place. We kind of just liked the historic and authentic vibe that was going on plus it’s near the harbour.

My friend and I love food. Since the food in Israel is delicious, we ate like we never had it so  good. I will name some restaurants and places to eat that you should try when you visit Tel Aviv:
Try out restaurant Florentina We weren’t supposed to be in this restaurant because we wanted to go to a restaurant named Favela but we loved the atmosphere and, of course, the food. We had a plate with different small dishes like hummus, egg, salad etc.
Old Man on the Sea is a restaurant that you shouldn’t miss when you go to Tel Aviv. It is located near the harbour, of course. It’s an Arabic restaurant. You will get little plates with salad and hummus and a large piece of bread. If they see that one of the plates is finished, they will automatically bring new plates. At one point, my friend and I had to say “stop!” They said, “Why? It’s free.” We replied that we don’t want to waste time. Just because we are Dutch and we like free things doesn’t mean we want to waste food. The price is very reasonable, so go check it out and thank me later.
For me Shuffle is one of the best restaurant/bar, we went there three times during our seven-day stay. Twice for food and once for some drinks with guys. It’s always busy so that’s a good sign. The vegan kabab burger is delicious. On top of it, the vegan cheesecake is also a must try. This got me thinking about starting my own vegan restaurant :P
There is a bakery named; Abouelafia Bakery and we went a couple of times to the bakery. I had to do a quick google search to remember the name but the bread and snacks are delicious and not something that you will easily forget. We bought some food and ate it on the beach while discussing about life, watching people/surfers 😉 and relaxing.

Just a couple more tips:

-They are very direct (even more than us Dutch) so whatever you want to say, just say it. Don't go beating around the bush. If they want to say something to you , they will.

-It's not a cheap place and when you have the chance to bargain, for example at the flea market, please do.

-The tour guide told us they don't need personal space, you can come close to them. Hmmm good to know :) They are  very efficiently.

-They might come across as cold people but you can definitely have a good laugh or conversation with them. I think they can be hard people when they need to.

-The nightlife is very cool, so go check some clubs/bars out.

-I don't think that they really work with queues, so if you need help, just act like a local. If it’s your turn, be on your toes and just go for it before someone else beats you to it.
So I do hope that eventually, things will get better in the country.I didn't know what to expect from Israel but for me it was wonderful and I have learned a lot from the country, culture and history. So I hope I will go back, someday.

Would you like to go to Israel?
Much love,



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