Monday, February 18, 2019

Do you have a healthy lifestyle?

Chocolate, chips, pancakes, french fries, burgers, apple pies and so forth…do you also love bad food? If not? Lucky you! If so, join the club and keep on reading.

I am just going to spill it out for you guys… I love sugar. If I see a package of cookies, I won’t just eat 1 or 2 cookies but the whole freaking package of cookies. And after I finish the package, I want more and more like a little kid. When I was working as a flight attendant, my eating lifestyle was at a very low point. If I was eating healthy, it was for a very short period. I just couldn’t control myself when I was working in the aircraft or when I was on a layover in America. Thankfully, I don’t live in America or I would probably be the size of a house. No offense but there is a lot of unhealthy, yet at the same time delicious, food in America.

Whenever I arrived back from a work trip, I was always hanging at home and eating crisps or candy with a good Netflix show, literally Netflix and chill.

This year, I started eating much healthier products like spinach, lactose-based yogurt, fruits, and the list goes on. I just needed a big change and reset my body. I also decided to exercise more because I need to reduce my belly fat but more essential is getting my mental health on point.

I stopped smoking. It’s one of the most important decisions that I made since january 2019. For all the people that didn't know...yes, I was a smoker. And I know I don't look like a smoker. But hell yeah! It feels good to not smoke anymore. Everyone knows it is a bad addiction but the reason why I stopped was that I wanted to live healthier.  And ciggies are not allowed in a Thalita’s healthy lifestyle.

I also cut down my sugar consumption drastically because sugar is bad. If you eat sugar, let's say a delicious donut, your body will want more sugar. Don't get me wrong. It is hard sometimes but, my health is way more important to me. Besides, the government won't help us with eating healthy so I got to do it myself.  

I want to look, feel, and think good. I think the most important thing to do is to find balance in a healthy lifestyle. It shouldn’t only be for 2 months but a whole new way of living your life or should I say healthy life. Every now and then, I treat myself a little bit but I don’t overdo it.

Another thing I tried was a juice detox for three days from the company Juice Express. I decided to not finish the detox because it was too difficult for me.The juices were delicious and it felt good. It was like an extra boost for my new healthy lifestyle. But my ultimate favorite was the GINGER SHOT. I don’t do SHOTS, but I do GINGER SHOTS, get it? Haha! You should try it. It’s kind of strong but I like it. Ginger has a lot of health benefits, so I’ll keep on using it.

A lot of you guys may have seen my Instagram stories in the gym. I’m doing a lot of weightlifting and a bit of cardio. After the gym, I just feel so good and I think I can take over the world(maybe I should!?)  It’s because of the endorphins that are being released in my body. But don’t get it twisted sweeties, I sometimes struggle to go to the gym. I really do. I’m not a person that likes to be in the gym every day of the week. No hard feelings to the people that do but I’m not that kind of person. Sometimes I really need to push myself. I try to go around 3 or 4 days per week.

There are a lot of contradictions when it comes to food and exercise. I just don’t know what’s good or right sometimes. I would recommend everyone to eat healthy and exercise but remember, as most things in life, it’s all about balance.

How healthy are you?



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