Monday, January 7, 2019

Back in Time

There she was, lying on a soft carpeted floor in a fancy apartment, right in the middle of Manhattan, New York. 

 Her name is Katherina, she had long curly red hair and big blue eyes. Her skin color is very pale but it suited her and she knew it. When she was younger, she hated the fact that she was so pale and had little freckles. But in her twenties, she started to embrace it. Same for her red hair. The children at school used to laugh at her. All of it didn’t matter to her anymore because she realized that it is very rare to have red hair. You should see how many compliments she gets about her hair on a night out. Katherina had always wanted to have her own business so she started saving a lot of money. Her grandmother taught her how to bake delicious cakes and cupcakes. Her grandmother had a special recipe, and told her to never share it with anyone. Last year, she decided to go for it and she opened her own small bakery called Sugar Street Sweets in SoHo. The whole bakery is in the colour pink, because pink is her favourite colour. 

She slowly opened her eyes because they were hurting. Her head was hurting. She has a bad headache like a hammer was hitting her head. All of a sudden, something caught her eye. She started breathing heavily and looked around her on the floor. She was shocked! She wanted to scream but nothing could come out of her mouth. Her thoughts were running quickly. Why is there blood on my mint green dress? Where am I? Whose apartment is this? Where is Annabella? What time is it?
She kept on looking at the blood. She could tell that it has been on her dress for a while. She runs to the bathroom to vomit in the toilet bowl. For a moment, she thought why is there no one else in this apartment? She got back on her feet and washed her mouth with some water in the bathroom sink.

She decided to walk through the apartment to figure out more and headed first to the bedroom to check. Out loud she said, “I’m pretty sure I’ll  find something there.” The bedroom seemed perfectly untouched. There was a double bed right in the middle of the room with two red cotton pillows on silky black sheets and a built-in brown closet on the left side. On the ceiling, there was a mirror right above the bed. She thought that it was a bit of a strange place for that. Next to the bed, there was a bedside cabinet with some books on it. And on the right, there was a big window with brown curtains.

All of a sudden, she heard something. There were loud voices coming from outside of the entrance door. She heard a loud gunshot and decided to hide in the closet. Noise filled the whole apartment. They were looking for something, but what? She could hear the footsteps of someone entering the bedroom. The person was looking under the bed when his mobile phone went off suddenly. She heard it was a man. The only thing she could hear was, “Boss, we can’t find her. Yes, we will look on the streets now.” He disappeared and screamed something to the others in a strange language. Could it be Russian? Her heart was going faster and faster. Were these men looking for me? Why? What have I done? She wanted to run out of the closet but waited for a while just to be sure that those men were gone.

Think Katherina, she thought. Where were you last night? She was 100 percent sure that she was with Annabella. She tried to find her phone. Maybe it was in her bra. She just couldn’t find it. Her arm was itching the whole time at one specific spot. She rolled up her sleeve and saw something that she would never ever do in her life. A tattoo, a small tattoo: 31EHS10. Everything was driving her crazy. Am I in a movie or what? That was the moment that she thought, f*ck it!

I will go to Anabella’s house and we will figure everything out. Annabella is Katherina’s best friend. They know each other since high school. Annabella has short dark hair and has her own clothing brand called Anna Forrechi. Forrechi is an Italian name because Annabella is half-Italian and half-American. Annabella was different from Katherina, maybe that's why they were close friends. Opposites attract. Annabella always got into fights and arguments, unlike Katherina. She had a strong personality and wouldn't back down for no one. They used to work together at Mac Burger, a local fast food restaurant, for a couple of months. They had so much fun taking orders from hot guys and kidding around with their coworkers.

Katherina opened the apartment door. Her eyes got big and she turned pale even more (as if she could still get paler.) It was Matt, her ex, who was standing in front of the door. Matt is a beautiful tall guy with blue eyes but she broke up with him a year ago because he wasn’t supportive about her bakery.
“We need to go Katherina,” he said with a serious voice.

To be continued...
What do you guys think? Why was her ex in front of the door? Can she trust him?



Written by Thalita Tales. 

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