Sunday, January 13, 2019

20 Week makeup Pro Course

When I was younger, I really hated makeup. I never used anything and I loved going out the door without makeup. When I grew up, I realized that a bit of makeup can accentuate your strong points. Let’s say you have beautiful big lips, they will even stand out more with a bright colour lipstick.
A look that I re-created

I’ve been into makeup for a couple years so I decided to do a makeup course last year. Because I was working as a flight attendant, I enjoyed putting makeup on my face. I think the uniform looks good with some makeup on the face. Just to be clear, I am not a makeup artist. I wanted to get some more experience with makeup.

I stumbled on the P. Louise Academy via Instagram. It’s an academy based in Manchester where you can learn the art of makeup. I registered for the 20-Week Pro Course where there is a live session on youtube every Monday for 20 weeks. A lot of girls would tune in, even girls living in America. I had so much respect for them because they would have to stay up late for the session. After each session, you can rewatch it for 2 weeks before it’s removed.

You can buy a bronze, silver or gold card. The bronze is quite basic but still a good deal. For example with the gold card you will get a kit that is worth 300 pounds. Depending on which card you buy, you will also be able to visit the academy in person once per month for 5 months. You have to bring a model and your own brushes. In case you don't have a model, the academy can arrange a model for an extra fee.

First, they would show you a demo with a makeup look. Then, you would recreate the look. Every week there was a different theme. One week was about halloween make up and another week, it was about eyebrows. One of the things that I learned was that you need to have many brushes. I feel a bit funny that I was only using 2 or 3 brushes for everything.
Another thing that I figured out was that you don’t need high-end products to create a beautiful look. It’s also important to know what kind of eye shape your model has. You need to know how to work based on the shape of the eyes.

The makeup look is a bit heavier than you would apply in real life because they want to show how it looks on pictures. I need to admit that I am nowhere as far as some of the girls that I met or am following on Instagram, but practice makes perfect. For sure, I need to practice more.
An makeupartist created this look at the academy

But enough about the course. Let me focus now on the woman behind the academy, in other words, the owner. Her name is Paige Louise: a young, strong, independent, funny, and positive business woman. She’s someone that I admire and can look up to. It was at her lowest point when she took a big risk and that risk turned out so well for her. (Her grandmother took a loan and Paige used the money to start her business) And this is exactly why I love people that take risks, because why not? She started from the bottom and she didn’t quit. I guess consistency is very important. She has her own academy and her own makeup brand. You can visit her website on: I think one of her best products is the base for the eyes. You can put it on with the special: pat-da-pat-pat-pat technique. It means patting the base product on the eyelid.
Makeup products

One of the things that made me feel good was her positivity. She doesn’t look down on others and doesn’t talk nasty about other people/brands. She recommended that we read the book The Secret. I loved reading it and it helped me a lot. I have learned from Paige that if you are truly passionate about something, you will succeed at it.

Unfortunately, during the course, her mom was having health problems. I felt so bad for Paige but she stayed strong and always hoped for the best despite it all because what’s more important — family first. She would give it all up for her mom and I think that is a real girl boss. Now, everything's better with her mom, thank God.

She inspires me to follow my dream. She believes everything is possible. So guys, you can see that you can get very far in life with taking a risk and having a positive attitude combined with the right mindset.

Do you like makeup? Would you like to start your own business?



Ps. sometimes I still walk out of the door without having any makeup on or a little bit of makeup. It depends on where I'm going and what I am going to do and if I'm lazy or not.

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