Monday, October 22, 2018


Last year I moved to England for my job. I wanted to talk more about England and how it is to move to another country. I didn’t know that much about England, to be honest. I live in a place called Crawley about 40 minutes away from London. Crawley isn’t so special so I’m not even going to write about it. The only thing that I want to say is that it’s close to London Gatwick airport which is a good thing because of my job.

Can I just admit that I love the English accent. When most men talk, I just melt away, literally. I’ve learned a lot of different words for example; bum. I had no idea they called an ass 'a bum' I like the one-pound-shops, you can get almost everything for just one pound. It rains a lot in England and they love drinking. The other thing that I've noticed is that English people beat around the bush. 

If you want to move to another country just go and do it. You’ll find plenty of people who have done the same. Research as much as you can online and ask people for advice. Day by day you will learn new things and life will get easier. I’ve learned a lot and I can definitely say that my English has improved. If you live in another country you will learn how to do everything by yourself. And you get the chance to learn about a different culture. I didn't really research that much to be honest. I just wanted to find a room and I did together with Marina my colleague, we were living together in one house. England can be quite expensive. Though I must admit I didn't make so many friends in England, don't know why. Maybe because of the job and well Crawley isn't the best place either to meet people. I thought I had a good friend, but what can I say sometimes we misjudge a situation or person and oh well friends become strangers in the blink of an eye. I’ve learned to appreciate the time that I got to spend with them.

Nevertheless I met some cool people that I hope I will stay in contact with. I did some amazing things in England. In my opinion not enough...I could have done way more. I also feel like some places in England are really worth visiting, especially the countryside. But hey it's never to late to start doing things. One thing that I have also noticed is that people from the North are so friendly and lovely. They do have a strong accent though. So try to listen with a lot of attention to them.
This was my second time moving to another country. I don't know but I guess I like adventure and just going to a new country. Try to build a new life in that country. I get easily bored with the same place or routine. Can't understand how some people could work or stay in the same place like forever (forever sounds kind of scary doesn't it, or is it just me)

Anyway back to the Title of my blog. Unless you are French or know the language, you are probably wondering what it means. Dépaysement; the feeling that arises from not being in your home country, in essence ‘un-country-ing’, is what might be described as similar to homesickness but refers more to the strangeness and disorientation of feeling foreign and encountering new things in another country, like a ‘fish out of water’. But yeah I felt like a fish out of water. Trust me that's not a nice feeling. I felt like I don't belong here. So recently I decided to move back to The Netherlands at the end of October and see how things go. I miss my family to bits and all the other things from home.

But sweeties who knows what's going to happen in the future? Trust me with me you never know. Might be that I will stay in The Netherlands or that I live in a nice hot country sitting on a beach with a cocktail in my hand.

So yeah could you move to another country?



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