Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Shoot me

Hello everyone! As you might have noticed I have recently done a couple of photoshoots, and in case  you were wondering, no, I don’t want to become a model; though I wouldn’t say no if I got  offered a contract of course. 

The reason why I did these photoshoots was to get more followers on all my social networks but specially on my blog. Also, I thought it might be interesting for those of you considering doing a photoshoot if I wrote about my own personal experience.
So here's what you have to do if you want to do a photoshoot:
First you contact the photographer, you can find them via google , facebook  or instagram. You negotiate the price, the date and what kind of photoshoot you would like to get done and where would be the best location for it. Then think about all the different outfits that could match the topic or style of your photoshoot and make sure to bring them all on the day so that you can have pictures taken wearing different clothing styles. It would be advisable for you to check the weather forecast before the actual day of your photoshoot, so you could take it into consideration when choosing your outfits. Take as well different beauty products with you like hairspray, make up, hairbrush, etc. Make sure to bring water and some snacks as well, you'll probably thank yourself for that. During the photoshoot try to pose as natural and relaxed as possible. Believe it or not, sometimes the pictures that are spontaneous are the best ones. Listen to the photographer's tips, they're experts after all. Though feel free to tell them your ideas and to speak out if you don’t like or don't feel comfortable with some of their ideas. It’s always better to speak one's mind than to regret later on.
Enough about tips, now I will tell you all about my experience during my photoshoots and with the photographers I worked with. 
Let’s start with the first photographer: Morgane Maurice (to say it right, do it with a French accent). Morgane is a girl originally form France but who is now living in London. She is a full-time photographer.  For my photoshoot we decided to meet in Shoreditch and we took some cool pictures where she included amazing streetart and we also took another few pictures at an abandoned house. She was very professional and kind.

The next photographer I worked with was Khrystina, a young girl from Ukraine living in London. She is a part-time student part-time photographer. During my photoshoot she was really  friendly and cute. From the moment I met her I was looking forward to working with her. We decided to go to Porschen café for the shoot, which is a cute little pink chic bakery and they sell creative cupcakes, fancy cakes and other sweet treats plus delicious hot drinks and champagne. Founded in 2003 by award- winning cake designer, author and creative director Peggy Porschen. Peggy used to be a flight attendant aswell.  It’s always incredibly busy there, so I must admit I was quite nervous about having my shoot there as it was packed with customers, nevertheless I had loads of fun.  After taking a few pictures at Porschen café we chose to go to Notting Hill, famous for its colourful houses.

Last but not least, I had the pleasure to work with Annique, a.k.a. Neeqs. I liked Neeqs straight away, she's such a chilled, honest and strong person. She is different from most of the people I know, but different in a good way and her work is also unique. She mostly does black and white photography and moody photography, so the results of my photoshoot with her were very different from the results of the photosoots I had with the other two photographers I worked with. I was very happy with the pictures and I would definitely like to work with her again in the future.  I like to smile on pictures but with Neeqs her style, I've tried to smile less.

For me it’s important  that someone is friendly and professional. I want to work with honest and open people. All the three photographers I've worked with were absolutely lovely. I love taking photo’s myself so this was a great experience and I will definitely  try to do it more often. Big shout out to the girls that I've worked with. 

Anyway what about you guys? Would you ever like to do a photoshoot?
Let me know.



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